Founder (Semi-Retired):

The York Ballers were founded by Pat McGlynn and Robyn McGlynn in 2004.

The Founder – Big Dog “Pat McGlynn”


The current President of the York Ballers: Justin Seitz

 “El Presidenté” – Justin Seitz


Our Mission:

York Ballers offer an amateur sports program that fosters team spirit, dedication, respect and hard work. York Ballers participants will strive to obtain goals, demonstrate superior sportsmanship and leadership abilities. York Ballers promotes harmony, strengthens moral, and character. We also provide assistance to ensure players achieve academic and athletic excellence. Players will be molded to become responsible citizens in our community in all aspects of their lives. This philosophy applies on and off the court.

York Ballers – Non Profit Organization
York Ballers is a 501(c)(3) organization that was founded to promote education and athletics to young students at higher level of competition. We are dedicated to the advancement of our young student athletes to the collegiate level by providing them with the necessary tools they would need to qualify for some of the most prestigious colleges across the United States. Not only do we foster a highly competitive atmosphere, but we also instill the student athletes with hard work ethics, dedication, loyalty, and integrity.

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