York Baller v York Baller continues in the NCAA


Sunday Nov 23rd was the site of the latest BALLER v BALLER game. Featuring Andrew Nicholas- Eastern York High School and now Monmouth University senior and Four Mcglynn- Dallastown High School and now with Towson Univ as a junior.

The game was the final game of the CBE Hall of Fame Tourney. Both teams were 2-0 after posting wins over Central Conn State and Bethune Cookman at the 3 games in 3 night tourney.

31 mins, 9-14 fg, 6-10 from 3pnt, 4 rebs and 2 assists

36 mins, 8-12 fg, 5-8 from 3pnt, 6-7 ft, 5 rebs, 1 assist

At the end of the game, Nicholas put Monmouth head w/ a deep 3. Towson down by 3 w/ 12 secs- Mcglynn drew a foul shooting a 3. With 3 secs to go, Four drains all 3 foul shots to put the game into overtime. Alex Gavrilovic for Towson hit a huge 3 to seal the game in OT.